What can parents do when their child is overstressed?

Not so little:

– try to hear how the child signals his tension, do not enter into conflict, even if the behavior of the child or adolescent leaves much to be desired,

– try calmly, although it is difficult, to understand the reasons and https://argoprep.com/blog/educators/fake-news-examples-for-students-and-how-to-find-the-facts/, talk, analyze the situation. Perhaps what seems unimportant to you is important to the child. For example, senior classes were united according to their profile, students of different classes were united among themselves, the atmosphere in the classroom changed, the mood of your child changed.

– give the child time to get used to the novelty, to accept a new social role for himself, whether it is a “first grader”, “high school student” or “big brother”, treat his feelings with respect

Sad child suffering and his parents having hard discussion in a home kitchen by couple difficulties. Family problems concept.

– use available ways to relieve stress and https://argoprep.com/blog/scaffolding-strategies-to-use-in-your-classroom/. Reliable ways to relieve stress in most people are individual. For some, this is physical relaxation, communication with nature or art, with like-minded people, or enjoying loneliness. Help your child choose their own, individual ways to get rid of excessive emotional stress.

– do not try to protect the child from all stressful situations, provide support and assistance in crisis situations. The most important thing is that the child should always feel that the parents are near and love him. Children’s stress is a fairly common phenomenon and, in some ways, even natural: there are many new things in the world that a child has to learn without any life experience. But there is one thing that can help a child endure any hardships – doctors, dogs, moving, conflicts with peers: peace in the family and love of parents (for the child and among themselves). This gives rise to a sense of security, which does not allow any stress to develop deeply.