What is important to know about meditation

The main enemy of meditation and https://www.julianalucky.com/yoga-for-kids is the feeling of guilt from the time spent on “doing nothing”. Therefore, set aside time for it in advance. Decide for yourself that this time will be spent on improving everything that happens during the day. The “important” thoughts about work and play can wait.
It can seem incredibly difficult to focus on an object: stare at one point for a long time or feel breath on the tip of your nose. But this is the process. Just bring your attention back to the object.
Don’t try too hard to achieve meditation, don’t expect special sensations or “special effects.” The more you wait for something, the harder it is to come, because waiting is the thought that came in from the back door.
It was easier for me to start with guided meditations – when the voice leads and tells what to do.
It is better to meditate for 5 minutes every day than an hour once a week.
Better one simple meditation that you can do at any time than 7 different meditations for different occasions.
Start small: 3-5 minutes a day will be enough to get you started.
Meditation is not a dream or a trance – the mind is chained to a monotonous object in order to refresh the “taste buds” and experience clarity. But if you fall asleep, it’s okay.
Because meditation brings a lightness that many haven’t experienced in years, tears can come. This is normal, especially for brutal people who have been told not to cry. Treat this as a psycho-emotional relief.
Meditation is not suitable for the treatment of clinical diseases such as depression, but it can prevent their onset because it reduces stress and promotes emotional release.