Tips for parents interested in exam success for their children

Psychological support and is one of the most important factors determining the success of your child in passing the unified state exam. How to support a graduate?

1. Give your child support, no matter how many points he gets on the test. Instill in your child the idea that the number of points is not a perfect measure of his abilities.

2. In the process of preparing for exams, encourage your child, praise him for what he is doing well.

3. Increase his self-confidence, because the more the child is afraid of failure, the more likely it is to make mistakes.

4. Monitor the child’s well-being, because only you can notice and prevent the deterioration of the child’s condition associated with overwork in time and

5. Pay attention to the nutrition of the child: during intense mental stress, he needs nutritious and varied food and a balanced complex of vitamins. Products such as fish, cottage cheese, nuts, dried apricots, chocolate, honey, bananas, etc. stimulate the brain.

6. Control the mode of preparation of the child for the prevention of overload, explain to him that he must alternate classes with rest.

7. Try to reduce your child’s anxiety before exams. If adults at a crucial moment can cope with their emotions, then the child, due to age characteristics, can emotionally “break loose”.

And remember: the most important thing is to reduce the stress and anxiety of the child and provide suitable conditions for classes, because the successful passing of exams largely depends on the mood and attitude of the parents!