Shouting is a dubious educational measure

When parents often yell at a child, this way of communication becomes habitual for him such as He understands that until his mother screamed, you can ignore her. Therefore, if you used to yell at a child every day and suddenly stopped, get ready for the fact that at first he will not listen to you at all.

Scream is also a bad example. The child will develop an understanding that with the help of a cry you can achieve what you want. He will not miss the opportunity to try this effective, in his opinion, tool.

Can yell at parents or siblings because of, loudly demand something from friends or classmates at school, switch to op in any difficult situation.

But the most remarkable property of crying, as an unsuccessful educational measure, is the decrease in parental authority. When adults scream, the child obeys them in fear, that is, he does what is required of him. But not because he sincerely wants to please or please. Not because I’m used to order and discipline. Not because he is afraid to upset his relatives. And just so that the screaming parent would quickly shut up. In the eyes of a child, such a mother (or father) is a hysterical creature who is difficult to love and respect.