Kundalini yoga

Unlike other Eastern practices, Kundalini yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/yoga-for-kids is aimed at opening all seven chakras. The latter are energy centers located along the spine, in the neck and head. Thanks to kriyas, meditations and mantras, the kundalini energy flows freely through the energy centers, thereby contributing to internal harmonization and strengthening the potential of human consciousness.

Key Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

Strengthening awareness.
Allows you to make the right decisions, avoiding emotional outbursts. Man ceases to be a “victim” and becomes the creator of his life;

Purification of the body and spirit.
Freely flowing through the chakras, the kundalini energy clears the mind of negative emotional attachments, and also removes blocks in the physical body;

Worldview update.
Kundalini yoga allows you to take a fresh look at familiar things, such as trust, love, compassion, gratitude. A person accepts himself and others as they are, without excessive demands and expectations.

Kundalini yoga is suitable for beginners. Thanks to simple exercises – kriyas – everyone will be able to choose a suitable complex for themselves. A weekly training program is considered ideal. Since there are seven main chakras, it is recommended to work one chakra on each day of the week, starting on Monday. So you will achieve the harmonious development of all energy centers.