How to start doing yoga from scratch?

I would not advise starting yoga with something out of touch with the current moment – with reading books.

I do not recommend rushing into the abyss of studying anatomy – especially since yoga has its own anatomy – esoteric, and such words as joint, muscle or ligament do not appear at all in yogic texts until the 20th century.

Not everyone likes the ancient Indian culture and “Vedic” values ​​- even the Hindus themselves, today. A “strong Indian accent” in lifestyle is not yet yoga. Masala chai and harem pants are not yet yoga.

In India, traditionally, yoga begins for Brahmin boys with a series of initiations. The first they pass at birth (unconsciously, of course), the second – at 5 years old, and the third – at 12. The one who received 3 initiations is considered a true brahmin (brahmin) – “twice-born”. But… the true meaning of “twice born” is in the Spiritual Awakening, which almost none of the Brahmins achieves in their entire life. Wearing the sacred thread does not give any advantage over the Chandala, the lower caste. If the soul is empty and the mind is dark. And the thick smoke of incense does not wave any empty dreams or confused desires – it does not drive away either the fear of death or mosquitoes that bring malaria and death.

Until now, in India, traditional institutions train traditional yogis who belong to one of the traditional sects. Corruption, gluttony, corruption of minors have become almost the norm in such monastic orders. Although the real connoisseurs of the scriptures, the “pandits”, and the holy hermits, the sadhus, have certainly survived. The Yama and Niyama codes were written for them.

At the other end of the “pendulum” of modern yoga is American weight loss yoga. Shaping yoga practiced by Indian stars. The taste to which they were instilled, according to the stories, by Yehudi Minukhin and Sting, Madonna and Willem Dafoe. This yoga “forgot” and Spiritual awakening, and chakras, and mantras, and the reading of sacred texts, mandatory for any yogi. There were only endless “burpees” under the wheezing. And legends about the supposedly sacred text of this “tradition”, “eaten by ants.” But when a person wants to get a good sweat on the rug and pump up his buttocks, he should be given this opportunity. Yes, and tell a fable.

What is left of the real, working, true and bright in yoga? Yes … almost everything)

Nothing left yoga. Nothing came to yoga.

Yoga is in order.

Traditions of yoga – from 2000 to 5000 years, according to various estimates. And the last 50 years, when a complete mess began: jumping with kicks, hot halls, goats, beer and naked gay yoga for special connoisseurs – this is nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

If you want to know what is real in yoga, I will say without prejudice: everything.

In 20+ years of practice, I have seen a variety of teachers and yoga practitioners. And Guru like Dr. Vagish Shastri and Yogiraj Dr. Rakesh Pandey of Varanasi, and my Guruji Smriti Singh, great niece of the famous saint Mata Amritandamayi Maa. And false Gurus, and false tantriks, lustful, selfish and stupid. And famous real tantriks, such as Mark Dichkowski and Bettina Baumer (student of Swami Lakshamnju). I saw how people burrow into the sand, stand in the middle of the jungle motionless for 4 days, read minds and heal by touch.

But … you and I need nothing from all this ….

Pieces of 30 physical exercises.

7-10 breathing techniques.

And 2-3 meditations.

Enough to achieve mental purity and emotional clarity.

Even more than! These 50 techniques will help improve your fitness (hello, dream body, ready for any extreme adventure), strengthen your will (goodbye to excess weight and “procrastination” at work) and even (oh gods, really ?!) article happier. Finally.

Nor acrobatics.

Not splits and other tricks of the ballet school.

Nor the philosophy of ancient India.

Nor the religion of 30,000,000 deities.

Do not help the article happy for real and for a long time.

And the body-will-energy-mind help.

Mastering such a complex of 50 techniques no longer takes “hundreds of incarnations”, and not even “a whole life” to the grave. And not even 10 years. And not 5. And not a year. It takes 1 month-4 weeks, which completely rebuild the “norm” of life\energy\happiness for a person, at all levels: from habits and habitual thoughts to the cellular level of the body and to the feeling with which you open your eyes in the morning.

If you want to become the best version of yourself – and not a cog in someone else’s philosophy or a multi-level yoga pipeline – just do adequate yoga.