How to properly communicate with a teenager so that everyone is happy? 5 rules for parents and children

According to a famous American psychologist, parents need to be patient in order to calmly survive the difficult times of adolescence and read This will help a few rules that all parents need to get acquainted with, even with small children, in order to be ready for the reincarnation of a calm child into a cheeky teenager.

What are the rules for parents and children to follow?

Parents need to remember that a teenager is trying, by any means, to achieve independence, establish personal boundaries and their own rules. It is necessary to respect his rights and use the general rules for both parties.

* Leaving the house, he must say: where and with whom he will spend time, and when he will return. This is a mandatory rule, for the peace of mind of parents and confidence that the child is safe.

* You need to know who your child is talking to. If he is away for a long time, you can call friends or their parents to understand where your teenager is and how to proceed.

* You need to respect the personal space of a teenager and, but not tolerate the unacceptable. Accept the fact that at 14 a teenager has the right to:

– long talk on the phone with friends;

– deal with personal matters;

– keep a diary that cannot be viewed by parents and strangers;

– demand that they do not burst into his room without knocking;

* Take time to socialize and talk about your adolescence. The teenager will listen with enthusiasm to the story of your “exploits” and how you learned to be picky in people. The parent needs to use his own example to talk about existing betrayals, even among friends. Teach your child observation, the ability to understand people and events, how to make the right decisions.

Mother and daughter

* In difficult and unforeseen situations, act like an adult, quickly and deliberately. If the child did not come home at the agreed time or he is not where he went, then immediately start looking for him.

If you returned home unexpectedly late from the dacha, and tipsy teenagers are resting in your apartment, then try to contact their parents so that they know where their children are and make the right decision.

The child came late and with the smell of alcohol, do not scold him, but put him to bed, and in the morning have a conversation, without screaming and insults. A teenager must understand that you will not tolerate such phenomena.

* In any situation, keep yourself in control, do not break into a scream, do not use threats and do not read morality. Try to calmly find out the reason for the negative phenomenon and show your attitude towards it.

* Try to spend more time in joint walks, visits to concerts and the gym. On the weekends, go to the woods for a barbecue and invite your son or daughter’s friends along. This will improve your relationship with your teenager and make them more trusting.