Dyscalculia test online free

Dyscalculia test online free

Have you ever dreamed of studying at an unusual Dyscalculia test online free I think most people are actively throwing their heads at this moment. And it is not a secret. Today there are always movies on TV where children study at the school of superheroes or study in the classes of real geniuses. And if we talk about Hogwarts, then probably every child dreamed of getting a letter by mail at the age of 11.

All this is cool, but in the end we come to ordinary schools and sit at ordinary desks, not suspecting that somewhere far away there are unique and unique schools.

It looks just like an old building, built in 1919, but the program that the children learn from is amazing. There are no jagged lessons or control works. The peculiarity is that all children “re-experience” history. First they learn myths and legends, then they go on to biblical stories. So, class after class, they gradually plunge into the lives of people from different eras.

It feels like this school contradicts everything else. You have not heard about grades, schedule and homework here. Pupils can decide whether or not to go to class on their own. Besides the usual and well-known subjects, there are molding, philosophy and cooking. But the most surprising thing is that a teacher has no right to interfere with something for children.

The students of this school take the same subjects as ours: biology, geography, chemistry, zoology, etc. The only difference is that they do not teach all this with textbooks in their hands, but watch right in front of them. The lesson of architecture is a walk through the city, during which you can admire the old buildings, listening to interesting stories. Natural History is a fascinating descent down the river on kayaks and hikes in the woods and beach holidays.

Dyscalculia test online free

In class, children model robots, invent various games and create a rock band. And instead of physical education, they have yoga and Frisbee.

But the school, which will make even an adult person envy its students. The point is that every new semester the school moves to a new country. During their studies, children have time to visit singapore math homeschool 12 different countries. But that is not all. Each student is given an iPhone, iPad and Macbook so that they can do all the tasks. The school also has its own social network.

This school is famous for its approach to students. There is no general program for everyone. On admission, an agreement is signed on what kind of assessment the child should know the material and at what rate to submit it. Such a program may seem strange, but if we take statistics, we will see that such schools produce the best narrow profile employees.

In Michelangelo’s time, there were no separate study rooms. All questions were dealt with directly in the workshops. The peculiarity of this school is that all material is designed in practice. Each student has a great chance to sign a contract with a firm for his future career.

In establishing this school, we took into account the fact that children hate reading books and getting bad grades. So it was all just thrown out of the program. And what is left? The answer is simple – games! In class, children constantly play different quests, for which they get points. Of course, all these games make children to work hard and remember important facts from history, math, geography and other school subjects.