As in many schools

As in many schools

I think singapore math homeschool we should first note the uniqueness of the structure itself. Everything says that the most communicative people are gathered here. And it is true. All the graduates take their jobs in the media. There are no separate offices or classrooms inside. The whole school studies in one huge hall. Also, there is wireless Internet everywhere, and on the floor are scattered bright cushions. The design of the room is fascinating. In the middle of the school there is a large spiral staircase, from which you can see many small groups of students trying to learn all the features of communication.

As in many schools, the basic program is conducted here. But this is only half of what children do here. Each child can find his talent, learn to sing, play a musical instrument or dance. Being in such an atmosphere, pupils plunge into the world where culture reigns.

During the application interview three main qualities, according to the school, will be tested: ability to concentrate, sense of rhythm and orientation in time. Well, the last point is the child’s desire to learn music. If a family has no money to buy the right instrument, the school can provide something from its warehouse. This suggests that nothing can stop a person who wants to become a musician.

As in many schools

Let us start with the fact that not everyone can enroll in this school. And it is not about skills or knowledge at all. Just everything is decided by the lottery. On an official site of the given school there is a special questionnaire which should be filled in and sent by mail to the specified address. The only thing left to do is to wait. The names of the lucky ones will be announced right after the lottery.

The study at this school can’t be called a basic one in any way. Everything that is done here should bring pleasure, be safe and give emotional development. Many neurologists and psychologists have worked on the curriculum. According to them, a child will only perceive the material well when there is a positive attitude and an opportunity to participate in the main process.

Next to the usual subjects, children are taught something that will be useful in life: sewing, cooking, and growing dyscalculia test online free plants. And for lunch, they are sure to have fruit from the trees, which they themselves planted.

For us, school is a place where we spend about 6 hours a day and then return to our home. The children of this school have no such opportunity. The school is their home.

Children come here from different parts of the world. They have different languages, skin color and even faith. The only thing they have in common is a hard fate that brought them hard trials at such a young age. Many of them are orphans. Many are physically and morally depressed. Few people have ever gone to school.

This school is a second chance for them. They are taught basic subjects and are fed and clothed. Maybe it is not so much, but here they feel that the world is not so cruel and that there are people who love them.

All these schools are unique. Somewhere they roam in the forest, and somewhere they construct robots. But each of them has one goal – to give children a bright future, to show that they have talent. Unfortunately, not all schools pay attention to this. But, despite this, we must show our children that they are special!