7 reasons to never do yoga

Yoga is traumatic. A larger percentage of lower back injuries than yoga practitioners are found only in gardeners during the summer cottage and garden season. And in terms of the number of knee injuries, those who like to sit in the lotus position are not inferior to runners and fans of squats. More: https://www.julianalucky.com/post/spectra-breast-pump.
Yoga is a very lucrative business. Therefore, sportswear, bags, water bottles and other accessories for classes from special yoga lines are much more expensive than their “Neog” counterparts.
Friends “not yogis” get bored with you. Prepare for confused looks when you order a non-alcoholic fresh juice on Friday night and leave the club before everyone else, as on Saturday morning class awaits you.
You will be tortured with the same questions. “Do you stand on your head?”, “Do you sit on the twine?”, “Do you sit in the lotus position?” – if you were paid 100 rubles for each such question, you would very soon become a millionaire.
You cannot lose your temper, be in a bad mood, or speak negatively about anything. Otherwise, people around you will definitely let you know that by your behavior you violate the unwritten code of yogis.
You begin to notice the sidelong glances of people on public transport when you take your favorite book out of your bag: Bhagavad Gita or Yoga Sutras.
At some point, you decide to go vegetarian. And you are very upset, considering the budget of such a diet in Russia. Indeed, in local stores, vegetables are about the same as meat, and prices for vegetarian dishes in cafes are almost the same as prices for meat dishes.
If, after reading this article, you recognized yourself in 3 points or less, you still have a chance to save yourself from yoga personality deformation. If you agree with 4 or more points, then irreversible changes have already occurred. Now there is nothing to help you – you are officially yogut.