First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your decision to continue your yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/yoga-for-kids practice at home! This is a big step towards your health and youth. As a yoga instructor, I understand that it is very difficult to start and deepen a home practice. In general, it is hard to practice at home, because there is a bed and cookies with tea nearby;) As an experienced practitioner, I understand how difficult it is to start meditating as well. Since it was not easy for me to practice at home either, I decided to make a list that you may find useful in the initial stages of mastering the practice!

It is very important to have a quiet space and time to practice. Ideally, no one was at home. Or early morning when everyone is asleep, or evening when you have free time. Look around, find the most comfortable place for you where you can lay a rug for an hour or two. Personally, I use the space between my desk and bed. In the morning, this space is illuminated by the sun and is very pleasant to practice.

Sporty young couple warming up stretching watching fitness video tutorial online on laptop, fit man and woman doing workout at home sitting on mat in living room practicing yoga side bending exercise

I can’t tell you exactly how to do it, because we are all different. I will give an example of my table, there are candles, incense, a column with music, books on yoga, a statue (if you follow any particular religion), objects that help you feel comfort, light and peace in your world.

Take responsibility for your practice. Ask the family to respect your practice time. Just tell them how important it is for you to practice at the same time, and what results you want to achieve by practicing yoga. You will see, soon they will join you. And make sure you respect your own time too. How? Put away your phone. It’s incredibly easy to get distracted every 10 minutes by watching your social media feed. So if you say that now is the time for yoga, use this time exclusively for yoga. Without being distracted by trifles. If for some reason you did not manage to practice at the right time, do not be discouraged and postpone for the evening, for example. But don’t make it a habit. Still try to practice on time to develop a habit.

Even if you spend only five, fifteen, or thirty minutes on the mat, it’s much better than not a single minute at all. You will feel like a winner that you have given yourself at least a little time in the whole day. There is one powerful practice: write down your emotions, feelings, after meditation and yoga. It’s called journaling. This method perfectly helps to see your progress in practice and to know yourself, your feelings.

It is very important to understand why you yoga and meditation. And when you answer this question for yourself, practice will always be a joy. Because you won’t force yourself. The time for practice will naturally come when there is a desire. Remember your priority is not to shirk the practice, but to deepen it.

By following these simple steps and getting into the habit of practicing yoga regularly, you will notice how much easier you feel on the mat. Find time and energy for yourself loved ones. The simplest secret to regular home practice is to simply create a space where you feel comfortable practicing and immersing yourself in your sensations.

Taking the time to get to know yourself is a life-long worthwhile endeavor. Why not start today?